Being Your Child’s School Advocate

When your kid(s) are having trouble in school, you might find yourself taking one of two positions:

The mama bear, where you want to storm in and defend your cub

Or feeling like you need to whip your child into shape (not literally, I hope), but you know what I mean. The feeling that we want our kids to represent us well in the world is just an inevitable part of parenting.

Either extreme is a disservice to you and your children. So what's a good middle ground alternative? Read on to find out!


Gratitude, Anyone?

I just wanted to write a little post today in praise of gratitude.

Let me start by saying what gratitude isn't. It's not complacency. It's not pretending that the world's problems don't exist. It's not denial. It's not a panacea, or a cure-all for all your problems.

But it is an amazing (and amazingly simple) tool.

So what exactly is gratitude, and how can it help you?


After the Fight

So you had a fight. A real knock-down, drag-out, low blow kind of fight. You might even have used the D word (if you're married), or the B word (if you're not--I mean break-up, not the other, or maybe that other one came up, too?)

Now what?


Protecting Yourself from a Bully

Adult bullying often takes a different form than what many experience in childhood. It might be rumor-mongering; it might be undermining a colleague at work; it might be ostracism, just treating someone as if they aren't even worthy of attention. Or it might be online nastiness--where people say things they would never say to another person's face, and they might do it in unison with a bunch of faceless others.

Whatever the particulars, you might be surprised to find that protection can take the same form.


Learning to Trust Yourself After a Betrayal

In my last post, I wrote about how couples can begin to recover from an affair. One of the side effects of discovering a betrayal is that you're not only uncertain about your partner, but you're also afraid to trust your own instincts and decisions.

Whether your relationship survives the betrayal or not, it's important to rebuild your trust in yourself. 


Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

Perhaps you've discovered your partner's affair, or your partner has confessed. It could be primarily emotional or sexual or it could be a combination; it could be multiple partners and one-night stands, or it could be with a single person for a long period of time.

While the particulars do matter, the sense of betrayal and the feeling that your life--and partner--is not what you had thought tends to be similar. So how do you begin to move forward?


Keeping Your Cool

This one's on my mind after a bunch of hours of airport travel yesterday, followed by a 45 minute wait for a rental car (ten kiosks, one person working), not to mention...well, you don't want to hear about my irritations. You have your own.

Staying calm in trying times is a skill, and you can master it. Here are some tips.