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How to be Present

In this social media-saturated, smart phone world, it's harder than ever to be present.  And healthy relationships require presence.  Giving someone your full and undivided attention makes them feel valued and secure.  If we never turn off our phone and really focus, how can we expect our children to do so?

Here are some ideas for how to be present, and how to model that for your children.

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What’s So Depressing About Summer?

As a kid, the start of summer wasn't based on the calendar; it really started after the last day of school.  It meant freedom and play and relaxation.

And even now, for a lot of us, when we get deeper into June, there's a certain exhilaration, a sense that now the good stuff is about to happen.  There are vacations to plan and anticipate, warm weather to take advantage of with outdoor 's a sense of possibility.

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Presently Absent

It's not always easy to be fully present.  When we're doing one thing, we're often thinking about the next thing on the list. And as a parent, the list can feel endless.

Theoretically, I want to be fully present in my life--and with my daughter--all the time.  Sustained attention and interest nurtures the emotional bond between parents and children.  But sometimes, it's a challenge.

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Acceptance Versus Change

People are often better at one than the other.  So I guess that means our strength is also our weakness, our Achilles' heel.  Me, I'm a good changer. I can get a surge of energy and switch things up.

But place me in a situation where the variables are less under my  That's another story.

It also happens to be the story of motherhood.

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