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Archives for August, 2016


Letting Go of Our Kids

My Facebook and my email inbox are full of stories of parents sending their kids off to school this week--from kindergarten through college.

Often, it's with a lot of pride and equal amounts of tears. But there are all sorts of less dramatic and daily ways that we need to let our kids go: by loosening the reins, allowing them to make their own mistakes, and facing the consequences from the world rather...
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You’re the Expert on Your Child

When your child is having trouble, it might make you feel like you need to just sit back and let the experts take over. You need to listen to everything they tell you at the school, and take all the advice from therapists.

Maybe you feel like your child's issues are somehow your fault, and that you just have to turn over your power to other people.

Remember, your child needs you now...
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