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Archives for July, 2016


Reasons for Optimism in a Stressful, Uncertain Time

Let me just say, this isn't going to be a hearts-and-flowers sugarcoated sort of a blog. The fact is, we're living in deeply troubled times. Every day it seems like we're hearing about a new terrorist attack somewhere in the world and another shooting in our own country; the Republican presidential nominee tells us we're unsafe and only he can fix it but meanwhile, the Democrats are getting hacked left and right.

Yep, these are...
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When Your Partner is Emotionally Withholding

I recently wrote about emotional abuse, and how often people think of it as name-calling or explicit cruelty, when really, it might be about someone controlling you with silent disapproval. It's when someone causes you to feel you can never be good enough.

That ties into my topic today. Are you in a relationship but often feel completely alone? Your partner might be emotionally withholding.
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Freeing Yourself from Emotional Abuse

What with July 4th so recently behind us, I've been thinking a lot about what freedom means. From a therapeutic perspective, it involves personal agency--to have the space to figure out what you really think and feel, and for the process to be respected. You don't need to always know; you need to be surrounded by people who want you to find out, and support you in that.

Does that describe your partner?...
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Girls & Sex: How to Talk About It

I just read the fantastic book "Girls & Sex" by Peggy Orenstein. What I love is that while it paints a somewhat dire picture of the landscape for teen (and even pre-teen girls), not to mention young adults, it's not just about diagnosing the problem; there's a prescription.

You can help your daughters navigate that landscape, but it involves talking to them differently than you might have considered before. It...
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