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Archives for December, 2015


Should I Fire My Therapist?

As a therapist, I'm here to tell you: Sometimes it's them, and not you. And sometimes they're great therapists, but not for you.

So I'm also here to tell you: When it's not a match, give yourself permission to end the relationship (just like you'd do with any other relationship that's not working.)

But how do you know if it's just not working, or if you're not working hard enough to improve your own life?
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Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Sometimes a marriage starts out strong, and then flaws begin to materialize. This is completely normal. But like many things, if left unaddressed, marital imperfections can start to wreak havoc on your lives.

So here are some ideas for proper care and maintenance of your marriage.

Think of it like this: the 5,000-mile checkup; 10,000 mile checkup; and so on. You do it for your car....
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