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Archives for November, 2015


When the Holidays Remind You: I Don’t Have the Family I Want

For many, the holidays are hard because of all those images of happy families. The rest of the year, maybe you're able to just bury yourself in your own life and pursuits. Often, you're able to forget that other have what you want. But at the holidays,  the truth can be stark, and painful.

Maybe it's that you've had to cut your family off because they're toxic; maybe they're still in your life but they're critical, cruel,...
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How to Stop Spoiling Your Kids

You love your kids; you mean to do the best for them. But you find yourself indulging them far too often. It's a terrible term--the idea that you'll "spoil" this cherished little human of yours--but the reality is, overindulged children aren't well-prepared for life.

So if you want to produce a kid who's hard-working, grateful, and gracious, where do you start (and what do you stop)?

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