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Archives for September, 2015


Suicide: The Wrong Cure for a Broken Heart

In the past week, like many others, I saw that Jim Carrey's former girlfriend killed herself after their break-up. Unlike many others, I sat across from a teenager thinking of suicide after his girlfriend had broken up with him, and he told me that one of his friends had just hung himself after being rejected by "the girl of his dreams."

Killing yourself may seem like an appealing way to end your pain, and possibly even...
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End that Toxic Envy

You might not even think you're an envious person, but it can be more insidious than you think. It's when you compare yourself unfavorably to other people--your friends, your Facebook "friends", celebrities and other media personalities. It's when you assume that other people have what would make you happy. It's when you decide that they're greater, and you're less than.

How can you start to value yourself more fully? Do you really know what makes you happy,...
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