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Archives for April, 2015


Fat-Shaming, Skinny-Shaming: What Every Mother Should Know

And it's not bad for dads to read this, either! But Moms, I'm going to be talking to you specifically.

The reason is: In most cases, body shame begins at home. While our culture undoubtedly plays a role in how our children see themselves and their bodies, the first culture any of us experience is our family's.

And when I talk to teen girls in my therapy office who have body, eating, and/or self-esteem issues, what I often...
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What Makes a Relationship Toxic

You might be wondering: Am I in a toxic relationship? To be honest, the fact that you're even asking the question (or reading this post) strongly suggests that you are. Deep down, we all know what's good for us, what makes us stronger, and what does the opposite.

This post is about eliminating uncertainty, and confronting denial. Toxic relationships weaken us. Read on to see if your relationship fits the profile.
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Germanwings: A Wake-up Call for Mental Health Professionals

I have no insider knowledge of the specific mental health treatment that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz did or did not receive, or what valiant efforts those professionals may (or may not) have made to avoid the tragedy that occurred. But the unsuccessful treatment that Lubitz underwent can serve as a wake-up call to all of us in the field.

Mental health work can have significant and far-reaching consequences. When we enter into other people's psyches, we must do so with...
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