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Archives for January, 2015


Aging Well

I was going to use the phrase "aging gracefully" but honestly, I've never done anything gracefully in my life.  I'm more of a lurcher.  And I'm okay with that.

That's the key point of this blog, and--I believe--the key to aging well: being okay with who and where you are (or if you're not, figuring out what to do about it, using the wisdom you've gained from your years on this planet.)

Where to start?
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How to Stay Calm When Your Toddler’s Melting Down

I've got some pretty recent experience with this one, as my almost three-year-old has been alternating between intensely delightful and intensely--well, intense.

This can apply to your toddler's tantrums (which tend to be brief) or meltdowns (which are protracted bouts of screaming and oppositional behavior that can go on for minutes to--worst case scenarios--more than an hour.)  What's key is focusing not on what they're doing, but on what you should be doing yourself.

Challenging, I know, but...
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