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Archives for December, 2014


Our Children: Our Reflection?

I think most parents have had this experience: You're out somewhere and your child (toddler, teenager, anywhere in between) is behaving in a way that you find embarrassing, and that you hope is not reflective of your parenting.  But you feel the shame anyway, and the judgment of others, and you wonder: Is this my fault?  Is my child my reflection?

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How to Stop Comparing and Start Enjoying

Around the holidays, I notice that people compare themselves more to others.  It's because this is a time of year when people's lives seem to be on greater display.  You see other people's Christmas cards, you see their Facebook and Instagram posts, and all those tidings of comfort and joy can send you down the rabbit hole of depression.

So if you're getting stuck on the comparison merry-go-round, here's how to get off.
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