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Archives for August, 2014


Can a Narcissist Change?

Many of us are involved with narcissists (people who have difficulty empathizing with others, and behave accordingly, often manipulatively.)  The narcissist may be your parent, your significant other, even your child.  In order to decide what your options are in this relationship, you're wondering:...
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How to be Present

In this social media-saturated, smart phone world, it's harder than ever to be present.  And healthy relationships require presence.  Giving someone your full and undivided attention makes them feel valued and secure.  If we never turn off our phone and really focus, how can we expect our children to do so?

Here are some ideas for how to be present, and how to model that for your children.

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Healing Past Hurts, Opening Up Again

For some people, opening up comes easily (maybe too easily--which leaves them prey to manipulation or rejection or worse.)  Some people never open up at all.  The healthiest approach is the middle ground: Finding a person who is worth trusting, and then taking the emotional risk of opening up.  In many cases, the best way to heal old pain (including childhood pain) is to build a healthy, mutual relationship.

Once you've determined that a person is worthy...
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Instant Self-Esteem Boosters

Maybe you've been in a slump lately.  Maybe it's situational (you lost your job, and the market's brutal, or are having relationship issues.)  Maybe you're chronically struggling with self-esteem.  Or maybe I just caught you on a bad day.  For anyone who's feeling low, these boosters should help.

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