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Archives for June, 2014


Finding Time for Yourself

My husband and I were talking yesterday and remembering a quote from the movie "Parenthood."  Steve Martin, father of three, tells his wife, "My whole life is have to!"  I said I feel that way sometimes, and my husband does, too--like everything we do is something we have to do.  Not a good feeling.

So in the grand tradition of those who can't do, write blogs--here are my thoughts:

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Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

Every Tuesday, my post features a theme from my upcoming novel, "Don't Try to Find Me" (available July 8.)  Today, I'm writing about how feeling invisible can cause people to seek validation in all the wrong places.  This is especially true for teenagers and young adults, but even for older people, there's a desire to be noticed.  And when we feel overlooked and underappreciated, it can bring up many negative feelings and self-destructive impulses.

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When to Seek Couples Therapy

Most people treat couples therapy as a measure of last resort: Your relationship is completely on the rocks, one or both of you is considering calling it quits.   It's like dialing 911.

But as I've said before, that's the worst time to start therapy--when you're feeling hopeless, when one or both of you has little investment in the relationship.  Seeking professional help sooner can make all the difference.

So what is the best time?

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How Well Do You Really Know Your Teenager?

In my novel, "Don't Try to Find Me" (due out July 8), 14-year-old Marley runs away, leaving her mother Rachel wondering how she missed all the clues.  Did she really know Marley at all? And has Rachel's oblivion put Marley in harm's way?

For those answers,  you'll have the read the book!  But if you have a teenager of your own, here are some ideas of how to assess where you are in your relationship.

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