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Archives for April, 2014


Why We Lie to Ourselves

I recently wrote a post about being honest with yourself, and an astute reader pointed out that I hadn't really tackled the why of lying.  Why do people engage in self-delusion (especially when it's often to their own detriment)?  Here are some of my thoughts and observations.  I'd love if readers would chime in with their own experiences and theories.

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Being Your Child’s Advocate

I've mentioned before in this blog that my daughter's had some delays.  Recently, she had an occupational therapy evaluation where the possibility of apraxia (a lifelong motor processing issue that needs heavy-duty therapy for years) was raised.

I went into a bit of a panic as I learned more about it.  Then I started educating myself and speaking up to my current speech therapist, as well as making calls to explore the possibility of a change.  The...
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Is Your Partner Controlling You?

Some abuse is obvious; some is much more subtle.  Domestic violence is about a pattern of control and coercion, which might mean emotional abuse only with no physical component.

If  you have a sense that something is not quite right in your relationship and in the way your partner is treating you, then please read on.

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Being Honest With Yourself

Are you in the habit of fooling yourself?  That could mean procrastination ("Oh, I'll do that later" when deep down, you know you won't.)  It could be convincing yourself to settle for something, pretending it's good enough, when deep down, you know better.  Maybe you're struggling with addiction, in which case deceiving yourself and others can become a way of life.

A lot of us would never lie to others the way we lie to ourselves.  And...
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