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Archives for March, 2014

How To Deal with the Narcissist in Your Life

In  my previous post, I talked about how to identify the narcissist in your life.  Now it seems only fitting to offer suggestions of how to deal with them.

A caveat: Every suggestion will not apply to every situation.  For example, if it's your child, you can't necessarily threaten to end the relationship.  When it's your spouse with whom you share children, you might also feel more limited than if, say, it's someone you're more casually dating.  But hopefully, there will be a little something...
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Finding Balance

This feels like an especially relevant topic for me at the moment.  I haven't written this blog for over a week because I just plum forgot.  Life got away from me.  In trying to juggle so many roles (mother, therapist, writer, wife, ), sometimes things just drop.  I imagine some of you reading feel similarly.

So I offer the following tips with full recognition of just how hard it is to do them.  You know the old saying:...
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The Bachelor: Ruining A Good Fairy Tale

I'd never watched a season of The Bachelor before.  Truth be told, I didn't watch much of this one either.  But when I heard about the furor over Juan Pablo a month or so ago, I couldn't resist tuning in.  And while he struck me as self-absorbed and inauthentic, what's shocked me the most is the outcry since the finale at his refusal to give a ring along with his final rose.  When did "I like you a...
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Accepting Your Child, As Is

It's not an easy proposition.  An essential parenting duty is to teach, and to facilitate growth.  That involves change.  But sometimes, we might find ourselves trying to mold instead, and we might also find our kids fighting back.

What's the difference between molding and teaching?  And what does it mean to truly  accept your child?  
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How to Make a Good First Impression

My novel, Don't Try to Find Me, comes out in July.  Between now and then, I'm going to need to make plenty of good first impressions.  And it got me thinking how that's not so different from job interviews, or meeting an online date, or a party full of strangers--any place, any time, where you really want to control what people think about you.

Paradoxically, that desire to control is where we often...
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