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Archives for February, 2014


5 Rituals to Strengthen Your Marriage

I'm a big believer in the power of ritual.  When you do something over and over, you start to anticipate the feelings you'll have.  So when it comes to our relationships, it's important to have rituals that make us feel emotionally connected.  Perhaps even more importantly, they create the expectation of being emotionally connected, which is half the battle.

So here goes:
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Generation Like: Why “Liking” Can Be Dangerous For Your Teen

I just watched the PBS Frontline Generation Like.  It was eye-opening in terms of how teens' "liking" is becoming big business--how what  teens call empowerment is really part of a giant corporate marketing strategy.  But what I came away thinking about is just how much teens liking is about a desire for self-definition, and to be liked themselves.

Adults are certainly not immune to this.  We all want to be liked.  I'd be lying if I...
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5 Common Mistakes in Parenting Your Toddler

This post was inspired by the fact that yesterday, I made at least three of them.  Just because we know better doesn't mean we always do better.

But awareness is where better starts.  So here we go:

1)  Doing too much for your toddler.

What I mean is, doing what they should be learning to do for themselves.  An example would be picking up their toys for them as they flounce on to the next thing, instead of...
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Anger Management

This Valentine’s Day: Compromise with the One You Love

When you first meet someone, compromise is effortless.  It's a six week (or maybe three month) Vulcan mind meld.  But fast forward a few years, you're living together, maybe  you're married, and you realize that compromise might not be romantic, but it is necessary.

So in honor of this day of love, I figured I'd offer some tips on the art and science of compromise.

1)  Accept that compromise is a healthy part of relationships.

Some people think that...
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How to Help Your Troubled Teen

Many parents can see their teens floundering, but aren't sure what to do about it.  They might overdo and become intrusive (which causes their children to want to push them away) or underdo (not say anything and just hope the problem goes away.)

I've got some suggestions about how to walk the middle ground and emotionally connect with your teenager.
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Parenting: Making the Most of the Mundane

When I was trying to get pregnant, I saw happy parents and children everywhere.  I saw what I most wanted for myself.

Now that I am a parent, I notice how stressed parents of young children often seem.  And I know myself just how demanding (and frankly, tedious) parenting can feel.  There's so much to get done, and it leaves much less time for what I imagined the rewards to be.

So what if the mundane tasks can...
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