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Archives for January, 2014


Is It My Fault?

This seems to be the eternal question whenever something's wrong with your child.  They're lagging behind other kids; they're biting; they're not social; they're failing classes; they're getting into drugs.

(Yes, you'll notice that short list spanned the ages.)

That's because whatever age your child is, he or she will likely have some problems.  And when they do, you may very well ask yourself that timeless question: Is it my fault?
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The Parent I Want to Be

The new year is always a great time for self-reflection.  So I thought I'd post about some general parenting tenets.  These are, of course, subjective, in that my aspirations as a parent might be different from yours.  But it might provide a jumping off point for you to consider your own goals.
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Fighting New Year’s Regrets

Many people greet the new year with renewed hope and a sense of purpose.  That's what New Year's resolutions are all about.

But for some, the new year is about regretting what came before--all the missed opportunities and mistakes of the previous year can flood back, sometimes becoming debilitating.  Here are some ideas of how to cope, if you tend to be among the regretful.

1)  Start with an honest and searching inventory of the previous year,...
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