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Archives for December, 2013

Stress Management

How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

It seems like life speeds up from November through January.  And it's easy to get caught up in the cyclone.  But here are some suggestions for how to stay calm in the holiday storm.

1)  Set realistic expectations for yourself.

If you have a new baby, for example, don't plan to host Christmas dinner.  Or if  you do, make it a potluck.

Even if you don't have a new baby or what you might think of as some other...
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Handling Rejection

As a married mother, a therapist, and a novelist, I'd like to think my worst rejections are behind me.  (Wouldn't we all like to think that?)  But small rejections abound every day.

We can feel rejected by our kids who, despite our best efforts, only want Daddy; we can feel rejected at work, where we're not in with a certain clique, or where our contributions are not recognized; we can feel rejected by our spouses, who miss...
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