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Archives for October, 2013


Why Normal Isn’t Good Enough

Regular readers of this blog know by now that my 21-month-old daughter is delayed.  She is still learning to walk, and her speech is way behind that of other kids.

This past weekend, we attended the birthday party of a child from her class who was just turning two.  I have to admit, both my husband and I got a twinge watching the other kids paint their pumpkins, and the birthday boy blowing out the candles.  When...
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Current events

Opting Out on Health Insurance

With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, a lot of people are in the process of making decisions for themselves and their family regarding health insurance.  I figured I would weigh in, as a mental health professional and a mother.  I'm well aware that neither of those roles make me unbiased, or qualified to tell others what to do.

So I'll go ahead and state one bias up front:
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