In Praise of Laziness

A long-time client came to see me and reported that she had been enjoying several “lazy days” in a row.  And I was thrilled to hear it.

This particular client has perfectionist tendencies,


To Medicate or Not to Medicate

medsIn certain cases, it’s obvious that medication is needed.  It can even be a prerequisite for therapy (when people are too severely depressed, suicidal or hopeless to engage; when they’re floridly psychotic.)  But for others with,


The Isolation Dilemma

hideWhen faced with adversity, many of us find ourselves daunted.  We might feel depressed and hopeless.  And when we feel that way, we certainly aren’t in the mood for company.


Family Vacation: A How To Guide

wheelVacations engender their own particular brand of stress.  There’s all that anticipation and planning, all those relationships to manage, and we’re all determined to have FUN!!!

Maybe you’re going on vacation with just your spouse and kids,


Moms R Us

scoldI was talking to a mom client of mine about her parenting struggles.  She finds herself more short-tempered than she’d like to be with her two young children.  Tearfully,