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Archives for August, 2013


To Medicate or Not to Medicate

In certain cases, it's obvious that medication is needed.  It can even be a prerequisite for therapy (when people are too severely depressed, suicidal or hopeless to engage; when they're floridly psychotic.)  But for others with, say, mild depression or non-debilitating anxiety, then the answer is not so obvious.

Of course, suffering is in the eye of the beholder (well, the experiencer, if I can coin a term.)  And it's relatively easy to get psychotropic medication.  The...
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The Isolation Dilemma

When faced with adversity, many of us find ourselves daunted.  We might feel depressed and hopeless.  And when we feel that way, we certainly aren't in the mood for company.

But the more we isolate, the harder it is to pull out of the negative spiral in which we've find ourselves, and the harder it is to generate solutions.  There, in a nutshell, is the isolation dilemma.
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High Stakes Clients

I recently got a new client--a very young mom with an addiction and domestic violence history, trying her best to stay away from her abuser and to stay clean, bouncing a four-month-old baby on her knee.

She belongs to a class of clients that I'm calling "high stakes", because when they show up in my office, I feel intense empathy, sympathy, and a desire to make it all turn out all right.  I looked at her thin...
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Moms R Us

I was talking to a mom client of mine about her parenting struggles.  She finds herself more short-tempered than she'd like to be with her two young children.  Tearfully, she confessed her fear that she's not well-suited for motherhood.

It's a common fear.  Parenting presents challenges we never had to face before, and it highlights aspects of our personality that we might not be so fond of.

So what's a mom to do?
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