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Why “Working On” My Body Doesn’t Work (And What Does Work)

Pearl, my body- and self-loving parrot, encourages me to continue what I am learning about working with my body!

In my last post here, I shared with you that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last November.

Not only did this diagnosis put together some pieces of a years-long battle with seasonal illness, but it also pretty much dismantled everything I thought I knew about the healing process.

What I mean is, I...
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Dear Diary: Today I Learned Food Is My Friend

My parrot, Pearl, looks on as I encounter the fine print that has changed everything in my relationship with food.

It takes the time it 's all I can say.

My aha moment began to unfold yesterday morning when I was eating my usual breakfast yogurt.

Yesterday morning's select was banana and cinnamon - with no sugar added. I've been eating this yogurt for some time now, but hadn't noticed the fine print on the side...
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