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Career Strategy

Writer’s Voice: Embrace Your Oddity

Finding your voice is a lot like looking deep inside yourself and trying to figure out what makes you a different person from everybody else.

Most writers don’t give it a lot of thought. They just keep writing until they develop a voice. It just comes with time and lots and lots of writing. What if writers made more of a purposeful effort to find their own voice? It could save them months and years of writing...
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Career Strategy

Finding Your Sceenwriting Mentor

The first rule about finding a mentor is it’s all about them. At first. You want to build a relationship that works for both of you, not a one way street. If they're not getting anything out of the relationship, it's not going to work.

It will help if you two hit it off over something other than writing. You can find out if your mentor gives to certain charities, or if he’s interested in race cars,...
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Creative Thinking

Bad Movies Don’t Justify Writing Weak Scripts

“There are so many bad movies out there. I know I could write a better screenplay!” said just about every screenwriter out there. How about you? Have you ever said that, or thought that after watching a lousy film?

A lot of writers find motivation after seeing a movie that fails. It may be boring, have huge plot holes, unlikable characters, or hundreds of other possible flaws. The tone of the film might be all over the...
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