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Maybe You’re Only Seeing What you Want

We all have wants and needs. Other people play key roles in meeting those wants and needs. That’s how it works.
So maybe you’re so bent on getting what you need that you only see the parts of others that meet those needs, ignoring the rest. Then it backfires and you’re upset. This is narcissistic, but probably a common form of narcissism.

For example:
Someone in your life who is impressed with you...
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Creative Ways to Get Organized

When you organize your space, you spend less time searching for the important things among random receipts, irrelevant paperwork, and other items you have no clue why you've kept for three months or three years.

You feel less overwhelmed, and you cut out unnecessary stress from your life. You feel the way you want to feel---calm, inspired, energized. Which is hard to do when you bump into piles of clothing---you don't even wear or...
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