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Why Am I Always Expecting The Worst?

Anticipating catastrophe can't protect you from sadness and loss.
I notice a mole on my arm. It looks a little strange. Has it grown? Is it discolored? I keep looking at it and wondering. I think it’s definitely grown since last month. Perhaps I should Google “suspicious looking mole”. I'm sure it's cancer. It’s the worst form of cancer; Most certainly fatal. This is...
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5 reasons I Hate Asking For Favors, But Do It Anyway


We all need a favor from time to time. Your car breaks down or you need a last minute babysitter. Maybe you need an occasional ride to the airport or someone to bring a casserole when you're sick.

When my kids were small, I was in need of extra favors. I didn't have any family nearby to help. So, with two working parents and three kids, we occasionally needed to ask a...
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