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The Negative Effects of Technology on Childhood Behavior

Almost every child in America right now has grown up in a world doused with technology. We’ve all heard the common concerns about how this affects a child’s upbringing—eyesight, attention span, emotional safety, personal boundaries, etc.—but fewer people recognize the effect technology has on behavior.

Not only does it affect the behavior of children, but it also affects the behavior of adults, which, in turn, changes the parenting and teaching that children experience.

One of the most prevalent...
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Transitioning: It’s Taken Fifty Eight Years

Aah, do I have to?

As a child, like all other children, I did not transition from one thing to another easily. We need the development of our brains for that.

And for some of us that development never becomes complete, leaving us with varying degrees of ability in that regard.

But what is transitioning? Well, let me tell you.
Transitioning is ...
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ADHD Symptoms

5 Ways to Center Yourself in the Midst of Chaos

I don't know about you, but to me the world feels less certain and more chaotic than ever.

Both sides would probably agree that the political world has cracked. Climate change, whether you believe in it or not, casts a broad web of stress and conflict. And random acts of violence continue unmitigated. Our personal lives are also less grounded, given the infusion of technological distractions.

Grounded. That's what we need to feel. Centered and...
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Career Strategy

Writer’s Mindset: Just Get Your Foot In The Door

You can break into screenwriting in a million different ways.  Don’t listen to people who tell you that you have to do it “their way.”  Like everything else about this town, the only rule is there are no rules.  You succeed in your own way.

There’s a good reason, then, not to be too laser-focused on a specific goal.  If you start out with the goal of  writing only historic dramas, you’d be well advised to consider...
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Today I Love The Moody Bay

Green plaid and lace edged

Today I love the moody bay dressed all in a plaid of browns and greens with lace trimmed waves and hazy, misty air and distant echos of the gulls and geese and ducks. I love that the air is still warm, and so is the water to some extent. I love that the little stream is flowing cheerily beside the cottage and when the wind...
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