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11 Different Ways to Sound Like a Great Lover

A new Love Month cartoon!

Last week's cartoon was the first one for Love Month in Psych Central! It included a Vinegar Valentine, and talked about matters of the heart. Maybe it wasn't the kindest cartoon I've ever

For any cartoon you enjoy, you’re invited to share it anyplace except Pinterest. (Pinterest grabs the whole image, which is not cool. Facebook just uses thumbnails, which IS cool.) And thank you for sharing every week on Facebook and Twitter.

All rights reserved, and content, including cartoons...
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Today I Love Mixed Doubles Curling

Coffee and Olympic TV, that's how we roll

Today I love Mixed Doubles Curling and, SPOILER ALERT, the fact that Canada won gold at the Olympics for this event making them the world leader with more Olympic gold medals in Mixed Doubles Curling than any other country in the world with a total of one of them. Yay Canada. I love that I think that is funny. I also love that someone...
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Today I Love Being Back To Work

The driveway's out there somewhere ... I ain't looking.

Today I love being back to work full time on all the different jobs I do, none of which are actually full time. I love how so many of my different jobs seem to interact with each other just outside of my sphere of control, isn't that interesting? I love how that makes people think I'm in deeper than I am...
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Nagging Isn’t Necessary: How to Improve a Child’s Behavior Without It

Sometimes we convince ourselves that the only way we can get our kids to do anything is to ask them over and over and over again.

In other nagging.

Here's the thing about nagging, though. Every time you do it, you teach your kid(s) that you'll do it the next time, too.

Why would I obey the first time if mom/dad is going to remind me again in two minutes?
I don't need to follow instructions right now because...
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Miracle Recovery: How TV and Movies Distort the Perception of Injury

“So, are you back to 100% now?”

People actually ask me that. Smart people. People who I thought understood the extent of my injuries, but nobody could ask that who really understands.

Anyone who has ever rolled a vehicle knows that a body shop can make it look shiny and new, but it’s never right again. The doors never close with that satisfying “thunk,” and the electrical system is haywire more often than not. My body is like...
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Writing With A Partner

There are so many benefits to writing with a partner that I recommend it for writers lucky enough to find someone they’re compatible with. For example, and most importantly, you both need to be interested in the same career goals; writing TV comedy, writing TV drama, or writing comedic or dramatic feature screenplays.

I’ve tried to work with writers who really only wanted to do one specific type of dramatic comedy. One writer I tried to work...
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Labeling your Brokenness – A Good Thing?

Yes, in my opinion. But be careful what the label means to you.

I’m watching a TV series in which people are in the habit of calling their problems and pain “damage.” If you’re familiar with the series, please forget all about it just focus on labeling the wounded, broken, or dysfunctional aspects of yourself.

Is that a good thing? Yes, and it may be necessary.

The purpose of any label is to direct attention. Your name is...
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Hanna Rosin Dissed Mindful Parenting Because She Doesn’t Understand It

Look how cute they are! You'd never know they were plotting against

As I have written before, I am pretty ambivalent about the current mindfulness bandwagon. On the one hand, I am so grateful that a scientifically supported, ancient wisdom is finally making its way into the popular media and American consciousness. On the other hand, I’m afraid it’s going to get lost in a sea of kale and...
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