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Creative Thinking

Tips for Training Your Focus

Checking email. Scrolling social media. Sending a text. Visiting a random website---or five.

These are small actions that can significantly muddy up our minds. They splinter our attention. They spark or perpetuate racing thoughts: We start thinking about all sorts of subjects and questions and concerns when we're supposed to be focused on writing or some other creative project. Am I going to the movies tomorrow with them? I need to return that email!...
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Absent Minded ADHD … Not!

I'm outta here!

There is this popular idea that people with ADHD are absent minded.

To that I have to respond ... what even is absent minded?

Are they suggesting that my mind is ... what? Shut off? On a lunch break?
I Wish!
I cannot count the number of times I've gotten out of bed in the morning and realized my mind is still churning with the thing I thought last when I went to...
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A Mind Full Of Mindfulness

Just relax?

I either am nothing but mindful, or I haven't got a clue what mindfulness really is.

I'm not joking here either. I'm told that having ADHD means I have trouble staying focused, that my mind is skipping from one thing to another and that this may be the opposite of mindfulness.

But what is mindfulness? I'm aware of where I am if you ask me. I can tell you what I'm doing, and...
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Not A Day Goes By …

Not even one ...

There are some things that are a part of life for some of us.

For instance, you may not know it to look at me, but I'm an alcoholic. And not a day goes by that I don't wish I could just say "Screwitol" and sit myself down with a nice tall drink.

Or seventeen of them.

The other thing that people can't see when they look at me is my ADHD.
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