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Spiritual Attitudes

Quit Anxiety Cold-Turkey for Thanksgiving

The season of sharing and gratitude is upon us. A time of eating turkey, pumpkin pie and the extremely healthy egg-nog (healthy for your taste buds). We sit with family and enjoy quality time with our loved ones.

No anxiety here, right? WRONG

Let us talk about that and dive into some exercises using our spirituality to help you quit anxiety cold-turkey for Thanksgiving.

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3 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving with Narcissists

Who can forget the amazing fragrance of baking turkey, fresh yeasty rolls and pumpkin pie wafting through the air like a blessing on Thanksgiving morning? My fondest memories are of Grandpa, glasses on nose and knife in hand, expertly carving the turkey. Surrounded by his four granddaughters, his big turkey-grease-smeared fingers shoved the most tender morsels of turkey into our waiting mouths like hungry baby birds.

But there are other memories too. Our hostess' victim playing that soured every...
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