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Stages of Addiction Treatment: Moving From Clinical Care to Self-Care

For psychotherapists who specialize in addiction, the ultimate goal is to move clients from clinical care to self-care, a process that means “working on my recovery” eventually becomes “working on enjoying my life.” This is true regardless of the addiction, be it substance abuse, compulsive gambling, spending addiction, video game addiction, or sex, porn, and love addiction. The hope is that over time an addict will blossom into...
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Multiple Versions of Porn Addiction? More Discourse Needed!

Last month I posted a blog to this site (click here to read) noting the difference between true sex addicts and those who inaccurately label themselves as addicted based on internalized and/or culturally informed shame about their sexual desires and behaviors, rather than the benchmarks used by treatment specialists when identifying, diagnosing, and treating sex/porn addiction. In that article I noted that treating non-addicted clients as addicted simply because they or the people around...
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