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How Gaining and Losing a Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis Affected Me

Fifteen years ago, after a few manic episodes that included hallucinations, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I had driven to another state while manic and was committed at a hospital there. The hospital let me go after two days.

I drove the two hours home wondering, "What does bipolar disorder mean?" I turned my car around and checked myself back in the hospital to get answers.

Back in the hospital, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder...
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I Confessed To a Banquet Hall that I Have Mental Illnesses

Recently I was invited to a banquet for an award I won. The award recipients and I were supposed to give short speeches about our lives and the obstacles we have overcome.

I decided to be brave, and speak publicly for the first time about having mental illnesses. The other people were sharing personal stories about their lives so I felt like it was a safe place for me to share as well.

I was nearly the last...
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Mental Disorders

Bulimia in Fiction

In last week’s blog post, we again discussed the potential impact of mainstream fiction on stigma, depending on the nature of portrayals of characters with mental illness.  When books depict characters with mental illness as whole people, with characteristics and desires unrelated to the...
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