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Why I Won’t “Break Up” with My “Ineffective” Therapist

I've been seeing my psychologist for two and a half years. It seems like every six months we have the same conversation. He says that he feels like things aren't working between us and he isn't being helpful.

He explains, "I've been a therapist 30 years and I feel like I have some decent skills, but I feel like my counseling skills aren't effective with you." He explains that it seems like I'm not happy with him...
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When I Told My Counseling Supervisor I Have Mental Illnesses

I took a big risk this week. I decided to tell my new counseling practicum supervisor that I have bipolar disorder and a dissociative disorder.

Last week, my psychologist asked me, "Why take a risk you don't have to take? You are stable, you are doing well counseling clients in your university counseling Why introduce a problem when there is no problem?"

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How I Have Learned to Control My Mania

I have bipolar disorder, and I have experienced many manic or hypomanic episodes. I cycle at least once a month, and events and moods can trigger mania. I have to be careful to not get too excited.

I used to flip to mania at every party, then crash into depression when I got home. The higher my mania escalates, the worst the depression is after the crash.

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