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Mentoring Book Reviews

What a Shepherd Can Teach Us About Some of the Gentlest Beings on Earth

A certain feisty feathered family member sounds off about his mommy's growing sheep obsession.

In my world, it seems somehow both fitting and auspicious that my first post of a whole new year features sheep.

Yup. Sheep. Those cuddly, doe-eyed, consummate extroverts who were there for us hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of years before we had polyester or almond milk, let alone meat packing plants.

In fact, I'm kind of horrified it has taken until...
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Animal Mentors

All I Want for Christmas Is a Baby Goat

My jealous parrot, Pearl, attempts to block out the goats in favor of featuring extraordinary feathered beings instead.

Okay, I might want a few other things goat food and goat bedding and goat toys and a goat leash (to take my new baby goat for walks, of course).

If anything has ever made me believe in reincarnation, it is my current love affair with goats.

It is something about their faces, I think -...
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