The Antidote to Arrogance

We often write about the virtues and qualities that promote healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships, such as generosity, respect, commitment, and compassion, to name a few in the top ten. Cultivating these qualities through intentional practice will do a lot to enhance the quality of all of our relationships.


The Secrets of Great Relationships

After hearing from many frustrated people over the years we’ve heard from a lot of disenchanted people who have felt very pessimistic people about their chances of creating a fulfilling long-term partnership.


Is Porn Cheating? Defining Infidelity in the Digital Age.


As a therapist who’s spent more than 25 years treating individuals and couples with intimacy and sexual issues, including every imaginable problem related to infidelity, I can assure you that one of the most difficult aspects of helping a person who has cheated on his or her significant other is getting that individual to view the behavior as infidelity.