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Children & Teens

The Benefits of Play For Children With SPD

Play was the one way we got our oldest daughter and son to re-focus enough to allow us to help each of them. We discovered the importance of play when our oldest daughter was diagnosed with SPD at two-and-a-half. She began Play Therapy, where she learned to use toys, dolls, puzzles or crafting projects as a way to work through her feelings, how to interact with objects and people as well as how to calm herself...
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Making School A ‘Sensational’ Place

Children with sensory sensitivities or SPD have a higher risk of slipping through the educational cracks due to misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. Their struggle is staying focused as stimulants in their environment fight for their attention. And for these children, who often need constant movement to organize their little bodies for tasks at hand, the aspect of sitting still for lessons can be an additional challenge.

Parents and teachers need to work together to help these children find...
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