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Self Worth

How Do I Know I’m Worthy?

We seem to have an epidemic of feeling inadequate and unworthy. And as a result, we're constantly trying to prove our worth. I invited my colleague John Harrison, LPCC to write this post to help us understand why we question our worth and how to reclaim it.

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14 Quotes to Inspire You to Ditch Your People-Pleasing Ways

Is your need to please getting in the way of your happiness? Is it consuming your energy and leaving you depleted?

It’s a wonderful thing to be accommodating, generous, and want to make other people happy. But sometimes the need to please and approval seeking behaviors get in the way of your own wellbeing.

There’s a price to be paid for being “too nice.” You spend so much...
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Self Worth

26 Questions To Help You Know Yourself Better

Do you have a clear sense of who you are?
Developmentally, we wrestle with "finding ourselves" as teens and young adults. Then we often revisit these questions in middle age. It's both normal and essential to seek self-understanding. In order to accept ourselves and establish a sense of belonging, we need to understand who we are. A strong sense of self helps us navigate life and brings meaning to our...
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