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Relationship Breakdowns Are Under Rated

The exemplary marriages we know of have been earned. These relationships are true partnerships, built on foundations of hard-won trust that accrues over time. The struggles and efforts to reconcile what can often appear to be impossible differences create the groundwork for these marriages....
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Making School A ‘Sensational’ Place

Children with sensory sensitivities or SPD have a higher risk of slipping through the educational cracks due to misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. Their struggle is staying focused as stimulants in their environment fight for their attention. And for these children, who often need constant movement to organize their little bodies for tasks at hand, the aspect of sitting still for lessons can be an additional challenge.

Parents and teachers need to work together to help these children find...
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13 Benefits of Self-Awareness in Mental Illness Recovery

Several years ago, a college counselor told me I would qualify for disability due to my mental illnesses and encouraged me to apply. Surprised, I refused. “I can do everything fine; I don’t need help.” She studied me intently, then nodded her head, explaining, “You manage everything so well because you're a genius.” I wasn’t sure how to respond.  I'm not a genius.

These days I know the real reason I function so...
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Ultimate Limit Experiences

Challenges can grow wisdom.
Linda: Ultimate limit experiences are situations that must be faced consciously with courage and resolution, and that push us to the limits of our endurance. Examples are illness, failure, divorce, disgrace, betrayal, situations like facing our own death or...
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