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How Writers Get Agents and Managers

One of the most difficult tasks ahead of aspiring screenwriters is finding representation. Agents in today’s screenwriting marketplace are so busy scratching and clawing to get their established writers work, they have little time to grow “baby writers” who may or may not ever sell anything.

Adding to this is a troubling trend among the studios away from buying original screenplays, and especially away from buying original screenplays written on speculation. Studios want built in audiences, and...
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When To Quit Your Day Job

In deciding whether or not to quit your day job, you’ll have to consider all of your expenses. You’ll have to pay rent and in LA that can be $2,000 a month easily. You might want to get a roommate to help with the payments. Then there’s the car, food, clothes, gas, and the rest of it.

A big budget item these days is healthcare.  If you start selling scripts to  Writers Guild of America’s (WGA’s) signatory...
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Career Strategy

Some Screenwriters Never Quit Their Day Jobs

There are lots of reasons even working screenwriters don’t quit their day jobs. Some of them love their jobs and can’t imagine leaving. Some aren’t making enough writing screenplays, and need the security. Screenwriting can be a lonely occupation. For some writers the only time they see other people is at work.

You would think the whole reason to have a day job is so you can quit it when you become successful. But let’s say...
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Famous Screenwriter’s Day Jobs

Just about every famous writer we admire lived a life filled with struggle; mental, and motivational struggle, struggle with rejection, exhaustion, focus, and discipline. They lived a life of uncertainty.

Many aspiring writers today are juggling their personal lives, their creative lives and perhaps most difficult; their finances. Some writers are subsidized by their parents, or their spouses, or their family members.

Almost all writers go through a period when they have to keep a day job...
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