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Career Strategy

Myth: Your First Script Will Get Produced

When you come to Hollywood to try to make it as a writer, you get all kinds of advice, and hear all kinds of stories and rumors about how to “break in.” Many of them seem true on the face of them, but they’re actually misinterpretations of stories that circulate about successful writers.

To really succeed at writing, you need to know the difference between what’s really going on and what other people think, or what the...
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Famous Screenwriters On Their Big Breaks

Every writer in Hollywood has a different success story.  Some were lawyers, bartenders, or video store clerks who loved movies and wrote on the weekends.  Some were actors who decided they could write better than most of the material they read. A few of them had mentors to guide them. Others had to figure it out all by themselves.

I gathered some stories about famous writer’s paths to success, and found some quotes that might be helpful....
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