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Narcissists and Gift Giving

When I was a child, every year my mother and I did Operation Christmas Child. It was such fun shopping for things a little girl in need would love to receive on Christmas morning. Cool little toys, a tiny doll, crayons, coloring books, toiletries, hair clips. Together, Mother and I packed the box tightly and shipped it to North Carolina. It was a lesson in giving that I've never forgotten.

Ever since the Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to...
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Adult Children of Alcoholics

How Addiction Impacts the Family: 6 Family Roles in a Dysfunctional or Alcoholic Family

Why is addiction considered a family disease?
Alcoholism or any type of addiction affects everyone in the family in some way. Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, a respected expert in the field of addictions and codependency, identified six primary roles in an alcoholic family as a way to highlight the effects of alcoholism on the alcoholic's spouse and children.

I want to preface this...
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Self Worth

How to Start Loving Yourself (Even When You Think There’s Nothing to Love)


We talk to ourselves all day long. We comment, critique, and chastise our every move. From the big to the small – every decision and action gets scrutinized by our inner critic. For most of us, it’s harsh. Much harsher than what we say to anyone else.

Where does this negative self talk come from? Sometimes people tell me it’s very clearly their mother’s or father’s voice internalized. Other times it’s less clear. It...
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