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Why I Can’t Seem to Resist Going Right to the Edge

Here, I use Malti (on the left) like "bait" to see if I can get Bruce (on the right) to stop snoozing his days away.

All my life, I have had a fascination with "edges."

Some of this is likely because I am more than a little claustrophobic, and edges tend to be nearer to open areas, or at least to openings to these areas such as windows and doors, and these larger open...
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The Lady Orgasm-It’s Not Just Physical (Part 2 of 2)

[TRIGGER WARNING: Frank Sexuality] In Part 1, I talked about the mental health side of the female orgasm. How faking our orgasms hurts our relationships. And how the brain really is the biggest and most important sex organ. Now, let's talk about some things hardly anyone talks about and counteract some of the nonsense we've learned from porn that is actually preventing us, Ladies, from the ecstasy of our orgasm.

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