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Why I Won’t “Break Up” with My “Ineffective” Therapist

I've been seeing my psychologist for two and a half years. It seems like every six months we have the same conversation. He says that he feels like things aren't working between us and he isn't being helpful.

He explains, "I've been a therapist 30 years and I feel like I have some decent skills, but I feel like my counseling skills aren't effective with you." He explains that it seems like I'm not happy with him...
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360 of Compassion

Fearless Ideas

Feb 17th, 1600; guy named Giordano Bruno is burnt at the stake. When faced with the sentence, he says to jury: "You who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it."

Elsewhere, in the last months of his life he says:
"There was in me that which no future century will deny to be mine, that which a victor could have for his own: not to have feared to die, not to have...
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