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How Barbie is Setting a Precedent For the Future of Play

Growing up, Barbies were my go-to toy of choice. I could spend hours after school recreating different scenarios with them. Sometimes they were storylines from movies and series I watched as a child, and sometimes I rewrote personal experiences. Fights I had with my friends or making my play session an emotional preparation for a party that was making me feel nervous. The storylines were endless and Barbies were, for me, the perfect vehicle to concretize my feelings, fears, anxieties, and desires.

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Girls Can Play With Boys, Too!

While I usually write about practical ways parents can play with their children, I think it's just as important to write about how parents can influence and redirect playfulness. Refusing to conform to traditional gender roles while their children play with friends and peers, is one way in which parents can help.

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Playing Through Transitions: A New School

As part of my monthly installment ¨Playing Through Transitions¨, today we will focus on using play as a transitioning tool when your child is entering a new school.

For children, change is particularly trickier. If it's not handled appropriately, may cause damage to the parent-child relationship. When children don't feel prepared - and we are catching them off guard - with important decisions that directly affect them, they might feel betrayed. They now throw into question the trust that parents have carefully...
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50 Fun Ways to Spend a Few Minutes or Hours

Sometimes, we take life very seriously. That’s because life is very serious. It is precious, and fragile. It is filled with responsibilities. But it’s also important to be serious about being silly. Because silliness and play create incredible moments and memories. Silliness and play is how we connect---to others, to ourselves.

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Creating in the Nooks and Crannies of Our Days

You yearn to create and play and experiment. But, between work and errands, between commitments and chores, there doesn't seem to be much "free time." There doesn't seem to be much time to simply mess around, to follow ideas, to dance with them, to swirl them around your tongue like a piece of candy. Because maybe you work long hours. Maybe you're a parent (to one, two, three kids). Maybe you're an entrepreneur...
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