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Rejecting the Helpful Narcissist (Who Always Knows Best)

"But I made it better," said narcissist Sheldon Cooper to Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, referring to the smartphone app they were developing together.

"I don’t want it better," Leonard sneered. "I want it my way." And he was right!

That episode of TBBT brought back all the memories. The helpful person, perhaps a full-blown narcissist, perhaps a covert narcissist, who always wanted to be involved, give suggestions, dream up possibilities, make recommendations, and lend an unsolicited helping hand.

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Different Ways to Think of Your Self-Care

Self-care is multifaceted. There are many ways to meet our needs---and different approaches will resonate with different people. After all, self-care is personal. What feels like self-care to one person may feel like the opposite to another person. Our needs may be universal---the need for sleep, rest, food, connection, love---but how we choose to meet them is individual.

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Got Mother’s Day Guilt?

I never really liked Mother's Day.
For me, the early years of motherhood felt like one colossal failure. As a former perfectionist and people-pleaser, the pump was certainly primed for me to notice all of my short comings as a mother. I went into parenting already feeling defective and unworthy following years of infertility and neonatal loss.

Not surprisingly, all this “baggage” heightened my feelings...
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12 Ways to Beat Impostor Syndrome

I'm a fake.

I'm a phony.

I don't belong here.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm a fraud.

I don't have what it takes.

I'm not like the rest of the people here.

I'm inadequate.

I don't deserve this success.

I don't know what gave me the idea that I'm smart enough, pretty enough, experienced enough.

People are going to find out.

If this is what goes through your mind, you may have "impostor syndrome."

Impostor Syndrome is an ironic thing. The...
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