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Managing the Inner Cynic

Linda: We live in a time of growing and pervasive cynicism about marriage. The marriage rate in America has hit a record low and is expected to drop even further. The Pew Research Center recently found that about 40 percent of unmarried adults believe that marriage is becoming obsolete. Only about half of Americans are married now, down from 72 percent in 1960, according to census data. The age at which one first gets married has...
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Loving Kindness for Our Partner

Linda: Happy couples hold each other with what Carl Rogers calls “unconditional positive regard”. Successful couples know how to be fully present with each other with an open heart. Over time, they have been deliberately cultivating an appreciation of each other. To become accomplished...
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The Gift of Service

When the love that a couple enjoys is robust and full, it demands a wider arena for expression. Their grief in not being able to have their own children got poured into their work with the children they work with. Consider the story of...
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11 Tips for Conflict Management

Differences don’t have to turn into conflict.
Linda: It’s an old saying, but it’s still true, that when it comes to relationships: “differences are inevitable, but conflict is optional.” Differences have to do with varying points of view, styles, or tendencies. Conflict results...
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Seeing the Big Picture

Well maybe

There is a story about an old Chinese farmer who lived in ancient times. He was the envy of his rather small village, because unlike most of the other farmers, he possessed a horse.

One day, however, his horse ran away and...
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