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More Advice From Happy Couples – Part 2

Linda: My husband Charlie and I studied the happiest couples we could find, interviewing more than 50 couples.

These couples were the voice of experience, having been married for an average of 30 years. They had all created exemplary relationships in the many different forms...
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Advice From Happy Couples Part 1

For those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of reading our book, Secrets of Great Marriages, this is a kind of Cliff Notes version. My husband Charlie and I interviewed 50 happy couples and chatted informally with many more. Our goal was to come up with practical advice that might aid others in maintaining long-term, loving unions. While this is by no means a substitute for the real deal, but will give you the condensed version of the book's...
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6 Words That Can Change Your Life

Linda: One afternoon’s back-to-back appointments demonstrated that different individuals can need strikingly different things in order to feel loved. In the first session, Claire sobbed that she didn’t feel loved by her husband, Matt. He, in turn, expressed bewilderment and frustration, stating that he...
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