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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

The Path To Good Mental Health Could Be Good Glucose Numbers

Chato Stewart January 1, 2011: 405 lbs.

In my last post "Happy #WorldDiabetesDay", I celebrated my success with posting my lowest glucose number I've seen in a long time.  It got me thinking about the journey and how it has affected my overall cerebral dysfunction. Among my mental health diagnoses, I also have a few other health issues; abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and...
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Bipolar Laid Bare

Obesity and Cognition in Bipolar Disorder

Over 70% of Americans are overweight. More than a third are considered obese. Obesity has many negative health side effects including heart disease, high blood pressure, increased levels of LDL cholesterol, type II diabetes and an increased chance of stroke and some cancers. Being overweight or obese can also negatively affect mental health and has been linked to depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. People with bipolar disorder are more likely to be obese...
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