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Resolutions I Can Keep

... you know, if I can manage to be

As a person with ADHD I can tell you that making resolutions to improve my life is not something I only do on New Years.

If I had a dollar for every time I said "I'm never doing that again."  and every time I said, "That's how I'm doing this from now on." I'd be stupid rich by now.

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Good News

Becoming a Blank Canvas

When I look at this bowl of pomegranates, I just see a bowl of pomegranates. How I wish I could do the same when viewing other beings or me!

All this past year, I have focused my efforts on attaining a sense of sufficiency - enough - in my life.

At the start of this journey back in January of 2017, initially my thoughts quite naturally turned to money. My bank balance...
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