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A Creative, Meaningful Life Starts Here

A creative, meaningful life starts with self-reflection. It starts with sitting down and identifying our philosophies, principles and approach. Because if we aren't clear on these things, we let others dictate our schedules and maybe even our hearts. We say yes and no randomly, or without much thought, again letting others' agendas set the tone and rule our lives. We let people, items, activities, ideas inside our lives that aren't actually essential to...
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Paper Napkin Mental Health Challenge #4: Goal Setting

People of all ages love to set goals. In fact, according to the stats, the top three New Year’s resolutions for 2017 were to:

1) Lose weight or eat healthier

2) Improve life or self

3) To make better financial decisions

Buried in the stats, however, is a more telling number: this is the huge percentage of people that feel they rarely or never realize their resolutions. In short, the issue is not necessarily setting the goal, but rather carving a path to achieve it.

Here’s the good news--creating a...
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