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Anxious behavior

Recovering from Your Narcissistic Mother: Seeing the 6 Effects

She’s 70, and still going strong. Never mind that I am 44, and a mother myself. She always has me in her sights—how I’m overweight, how my house isn’t as neat or pretty as my sister’s, how my nephew is doing better in school than my son. I get off the phone or walk out of her house feeling lousy about myself every time and it takes me a good week to recover. Why do...
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How to Cope When You’re Married to a People-Pleaser


Is your partner a people-pleaser? Does she feel guilty when she says “No”? Does he take on too many commitments and then feel resentful? It can be maddening to have a partner who does everything for everyone else, but has little time or energy for you.


John and Jill argue every year about going to spend a week with Jill’s parents over Christmas. Neither enjoys the...
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