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Movie Mentoring

Sometimes Letting the Chips Fall Where They May Feels Good

I look at this pic of two dandelions and I just see raw nature at its finest. It doesn't need "dressing up." Plus, I prefer it as-is!

One of my (many) favorite movie genres is westerns. While to date I have mostly favored Clint Eastwood in roles such as "Pale Rider" and "High Plains Drifter," lately a new western contender has joined the pack.

"Hell or High Water," starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben...
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#161 Mary Poppins

Joe Penniston via Compfight

Since I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks I decided to repeat a past blog which also includes a beloved movie character. It is my favorite movie of all time--well, that and Gone With the Wind.

Mary Poppins presents a...
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