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Bipolar Laid Bare

How Depression Affects Daily Life

Living with bipolar is difficult, to say the least. There are doctor’s appointments, medications to remember, therapy appointments and keeping track of symptoms. That’s on top of dealing with the symptoms themselves. Mood episodes are unpredictable. They come and go without patterns. These moods don’t exist in a vacuum. You can’t compartmentalize them and deal with life on one hand and depression on the other. I’m currently in the midst of a depressive...
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Acting out

Harvey Weinstein: Sex Addict? Sex Offender? Both?

Harvey Weinstein, recently accused by dozens of women of varying degrees of sexual misconduct, including rape, is seeking treatment for sexual addiction. And the public is up in arms about this, with a lot of people screaming that he should be in jail, not treatment.

Well, maybe he will end up in jail. But not until his behaviors are fully investigated, charges are filed, trials are held, and convictions are obtained. Until then, he’s free to...
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