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360 of Compassion

Fearless Ideas

Feb 17th, 1600; guy named Giordano Bruno is burnt at the stake. When faced with the sentence, he says to jury: "You who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it."

Elsewhere, in the last months of his life he says:
"There was in me that which no future century will deny to be mine, that which a victor could have for his own: not to have feared to die, not to have...
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7 Practices that Make Up the Foundation of Self-Care

There are many ways to take great care of ourselves. Because self-care is multidimensional and multilayered and very personal. Some days self-care is taking a day off and savoring some pampering. Some days self-care is sitting down to watch TV while taking long, deep breaths. Sometimes, self-care is reading a book for hours. Sometimes, self-care is going on a solo retreat. Sometimes, self-care is getting up early, and sometimes, it's...
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Coping Strategies

Feelings Come and Go –

Teaching CBT or DBT to teens and young adults is a little like teaching surfing. You have to learn to ride things out.

Feelings come and go. It's no longer getting through it, or dealing with it or coping with it; it's TOLERATING it. The number one thing I've learned after seven years of yoga, besides being able to do a "plank," is being able to hold a pose just an extra moment.  You think you will break; but you...
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